BeaMonstar Launches New ExtenZe Displays, Packaging

Tod Hunter
QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. — BeaMonstar products has launched new displays and packaging for its ExtenZe sexual enhancement supplements.

The new acrylic countertop display units have an optional 7” LCD screen, which helps retailers attract customer attention to the display.

“We’re dedicated to visual marketing aids in stores,” BeaMonstar founder and CEO Jeff Bolanos said. “We’ve created this innovative display system to drive more sales. With a full line of products, the acrylic countertop display provides optimal in-store promotion of the entire BeaMonstar line: ExtenZe, Xplozion and Sweeten69.”

BeaMonstar also has launched new four-tablet blister packs of ExtenZe. The smaller packages are designed for retailers, distributors and wholesalers to attract new customers to the ExtenZe product line at an introductory price to increase product upselling and repeat business.

“The new four-tab blister packs are poised to be the best selling pill in 2008 and 2009," Bolanos said. "With three different packages available, stores will be able to carry the size that sells best within their retail environment.”

BeaMonstar Products has been in business since 2006, manufacturing and distributing ExtenZe, XploZion, Sweeten69 and the new ExtenZe Shooters and ExtenZe Enhancement Drink.

For more information, visit the BeaMonstar website.