Roxy Jezel Now a Free Agent

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — Performer Roxy Jezel, who has been under contract to Club Jenna for the last two years, is now a free agent.

"There are a lot of companies I haven't had a chance to work with," Jezel told XBIZ. "I just signed to do my first four scenes with Brazzers at the beginning of August."

Jezel started in the adult business in 2003, and has worked continuously since then. She writes a novelty-review column for XBIZ Premiere called "Roxy's Place."

"I loved the time I was under contract. I never wanted to have a contract when I got in the industry, then it reached a point where being under contract was ideal for me," Jezel said. "I had a good time with Club Jenna. Everybody was nice to me and we put out some amazing movies. I plan to retire in two years, so it makes sense for me to get out of contract."

Jezel is looking forward to doing more extreme scenes than the ones Playboy-owned Club Jenna shot.

"I wasn't allowed to do any choking in my videos. Now Roxy can come out and do her whole choking thing again," Jezel said. "I'm a very naughty girl. I like to be tied up and choked. Roxy's back and dirtier than ever.

Jezel is going to college, so she has limited availability during the school year. She has two years to go before she gets her degree.

"I have a lot of homework, and I'm getting a civilian job that will go with my degree. I'm also doing volunteer work."

She told XBIZ that she's looking forward to working with some costars again.

"I want to work with James Deen," Jezel said. "I haven’t worked with him since before I was contracted."

Roxy Jezel is represented for video production by LA Direct Models.