System JO Introduces Low-cost Line of Lubes

Ericka Jensen

LOS ANGELES — United Consortium, the parent company of personal lubricant producer System JO has introduced a lower-priced line — Balance by JO.

The company is marketing the products as the “perfect marriage of affordability and uncompromising quality.”

Balance by JO is available in regular or light formulas. Regular is made for those who want the traditional feel of silicone lubricants, while the light formula is for those who prefer a thinner, lighter sensation.

“This product was really created to meet the needs of customers who are searching for a quality lubricant without a high-dollar price tag,” System JO sales representative Karen Jackson told XBIZ.

The line features new eye-catching, sleeker packaging in the company’s signature red and black colors. And with the company’s distribution worldwide, graphics on the product are offered in several different languages.

“Recently the market has been flooded with a lot less expensive lubricants, but those products are also made with cheaper ingredients and sub-standard manufacturing,” Solomon Levy, president of United Consortium, said.

“We already own our own manufacturing facility where we create System JO and with our stringent quality controls in place and our dedication to using natural higher grade ingredients, we are able to produce a better quality product at a more affordable cost,” Levy said.

Balance by JO is available in 2 oz., 4 oz. and 8 oz. sizes.

The line will hit stores, including mainstream chains Walgreen’s and CVS, Friday, Aug. 1.