Holistic Wisdom Offering Environmental Info for Sex Products

Tod Hunter
LONGMONT, Colo. — Online sex products retailer Holistic Wisdom has started educating consumers about the environmental impact of sex aids, including toxin levels and whether or not they are recyclable.

“For us, it's a matter of education,” Holistic Wisdom founder and CEO Lisa S. Lawless told XBIZ. “Our premise is to empower the consumer with options like non-toxic products and things that we know are safe for them, but also to give additional information for environmentally conscientious folk who want to recycle the products that we sell.”

Holistic Wisdom has stopped selling translucent jelly toys due to phthalate content and is looking closely at skin-textured products.

"We became aware of allergic reactions to things that are common like latex and started to look at the phthalate issue," Lawless said. "We've interviewed chemists who helped us understand chemical composition of products. We want to debunk myths as well as issue warnings to people about things that we know are toxic.

"We had a make-a-dildo kit that people were concerned about because there was a bad smell. We talked with the manufacturer and he explained to us that although it had a bad smell during the process, once the rubber was cured it was perfectly safe."

Along with its retail pages, the Holistic Wisdom site offers pages with fiction, jokes, sex health information and sex technique information, as well as a newsletter. Two informational pages discuss "green" sex toys and a discussion of materials used to make sex toys. Items for sale include sex toys, personal lubricants, books, informational DVDs, gift baskets and sex toy storage items.

For more information, visit the Holistic Wisdom website.