Arrow Productions' Comics Shown on GamePlay

Tod Hunter
LAS VEGAS — Arrow Productions ongoing comic book line was mentioned on in reporter Nikki the Knife's segments from New York's ComicCon, which was held in April.

With comic book publisher Terminal Press, Arrow has been aggressively re-imagining their classic adult films into comics, including "Debbie Does Dallas," "Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here," "Candystripers" and "Deep Throat," the last two of which will premiere at Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend.

"Appearing at non-adult venues is the best," Arrow Productions Marketing Director Robert Interlandi told XBIZ. "You get that shock value. People have gone through six aisles of Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, and then they see this and their eyes light up. They can't believe it. But they're cool with it.

"I think that the fans will love the new comic books. We're talking about action figures and other collectibles."

Arrow will be selling the first 20 of the limited edition of 100 11x17 poster prints for the comic books at Comic-Con this weekend. The artist and writers of the books will also be available for autographs.

The San Diego Comic-Con is being held this week in San Diego. For more information, visit the Comic-Con website.