Lucas Talks About Upcoming Fetish Line, Summer Releases

Joanne Cachapero
NEW YORK — Gay production company Lucas Entertainment has announced its summer releases, as well as the launch of a new fetish line Lucas Raunch coming this fall.

According to the studio’s founder Michael Lucas, the line is in response to what consumers and fans have indicated they would like to see, which is edgier content and more “extreme” action.

“I read every email from customers that come to me, so I know what I am talking about. Lucas Entertainment is not about my personal preferences. This is about what my audience wants,” Lucas told XBIZ.

Lucas, who will direct and produce the line here in the U.S. said that the fetish content will expand the company’s catalog beyond the sophisticated, high-end fare that it’s known for.

“It's not a departure. This is just a new line,” Lucas said. “As for what to expect, we're doing everything from extensive watersports to farts — yes, you read it right,” he added. “There will also be a lot of spitting, spanking, enemas, medical examinations and lots of hole-stretching/ass play.

“It's very hardcore without any leather,” he added. “I'm not planning on doing leather at this point, since there are many studios that have specialized in it for many years.”

Lucas also said that he had not considered bondage because he “is not into aggression or violence” — unless one of his models would like to be tied up.

From July 27-31, Lucas and videographer mr. Pam will be in Atlanta to shot two videos, one of which will be the first for the Raunch line.

The director/producer also responded to controversy caused by recent release from his flagship line, “Swallow With Pride,” which includes oral cumshots as part of the action. Lucas said he felt assured about including what some considered risky play in the video.

“I'm not worried because there's no controversy,” Lucas said.

“This was decided long ago by HIV specialists. The decision was oral cumshots are not dangerous. There is no reported and proven case of contracting HIV orally,” he added. “This is not for the industry to decide. This is something for doctors.”

Known for being a staunch advocate of condom-only in respect to intercourse, Lucas explained his point of view, taking into consideration what he feels the audience wants to see and what responsibility producers have toward the audience.

“I also think that sex shouldn't be sterile, and we cannot send too many messages. People will be confused and bored,” he said. “We should send one message: Use condoms before intercourse. By concentrating on this message, we can actually get through with this idea to those who didn't live through the AIDS crisis and don't use condoms like we all should.”

On July 28, Lucas Entertainment will release, “Pounding the Pavement.”

Upcoming in August: “Thirsty!,” and the anticipated “Brothers’ Reunion,” starring Wilfried Knight.