Canadian Customs Officials Target Adult Material

Matt O'Conner
ONTARIO, Canada — Canadian border officials have been criticized by U.S. politicians for being lax on restricting the movements of potential terrorists, but according to a quarterly list of confiscated items they take a hard line when it comes to adult entertainment entering their country.

The country’s Prohibited Importations Unit published its most recent list of “Admissible and Prohibited Titles,” which details nearly 17 pages of DVDs, videos, books and comics that have been seized during the last three months.

Canadian customs laws are stricter than those of the United States and forbid obscene materials. Last year, border agents seized 1,999 items that had been deemed obscene.

However, the determination of what is obscene is left to the discretion of customs officials.

While the titles of some items not allowed north of the border clearly indicate they contain content such as bestiality, others seem to be innocuous by porn standards, including titles from well-known brands such as Jim Powers.

Typically, decisions to disallow items are made on the spot. When there is some doubt, questionable or borderline items are reviewed by Ottawa-based agents who then render a decision on whether to allow an item.

During the last three months, for example, “Leatherbound Dykes from Hell” and several Max Hardcore videos were given a red light, while others such as “Gothic Sex Horror Show,” “Barback and Horsehung” and “Pink Eye 6” got the thumbs up.