Releases Distributor Line

Ericka Jensen

LOS ANGELES — Fetish manufacturer and retailer has released a second in-house distributor line under its company name. spokesperson Ann-Marie Hollman told XBIZ that after the success with its BDSM beginner line, Kinklab, requests for more hardcore fashions started to pour in to the company.

“The branded-line was developed in response to repeated requests from distributors and chain stores who’d had great success with our Kinklab collection,” Hollman told XBIZ. “It was also a response to the constant phone calls to our facility from people who liked what they saw on our retail websites but wanted to know where they could buy locally and in person.”

Collars and cuffs, chastity devices like the Houdini Chastity Cage, and exclusive items such as the patented leather Bolero Straitjacket and Bondage Opera Gloves are part of the Stockroom-branded designs. The collection represents “the best choices from the company’s signature BDSM gear,” Hollman said.

“We wanted to keep the Stockroom name as the brand in this case,” Hollman told XBIZ. “Our 20-year reputation as a leader in our field is a selling point for the experienced players who are in the market for this gear.”

Stockroom branded distribution items are available for immediate shipping in case quantities.

Stockroom’s online catalog features more than 3,000 adult products, including BDSM gear, electro sex toys, books, dungeon furniture, ball gags, vibrators, strap-ons and harnesses, among others.