'70s Film 'Teenage Cruisers' Screening Tuesday

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — Johnny Legend's '70s adult film "Teenage Cruisers" will screen tomorrow night at the Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles.

"What makes it special is that it combines this rockabilly-type music with the street scene of the mid-'70s in the Valley and in Hollywood," adult industry veteran Bill Margold — who performed in the film — told XBIZ.

"It incorporates a lot of legends, including Cassidy, Serena and John C. Holmes. It was at the zenith of our illegality," Margold added. "I had already been indicted twice, and the temptation to stick my head in the noose a third time was overwhelming."

Johnny Legend wrote, directed and stars in the film. The soundtrack was produced by Rockin' Ronny Weiser, and features Alvis Wayne, Billy Zoom, Ray Campi, Chuck Higgins and Jack Cochran.

Margold performs in a sex scene with Christine DeSchaffer.

"She plays 'Babsie Bodine, the nuthouse nymph.' She's the thread that runs through the movie," Margold said. "Serena is waiting for Johnny to come home, and there's the biggest cum shot in history. It flows out of the van.

"This is a film that's totally insane. It's a parody, and a comedy, and an erotic time capsule."

Margold, director Legend and Lynnie Legend are scheduled to appear.

The Silent Movie Theatre is located at 611 N Fairfax Ave. in Los Angeles. The screening is scheduled to start at 8 p.m.