The French Connection Introduces Butt Pirate

Oliver Adams
VAN NUYS, Calif. – Gay distributor The French Connection has announced the release of its first novelty product, Butt Pirate.

According to sales manager Nick Gardner, Butt Pirate is The French Connection’s answer to the question, “Am I fresh back there?”

“We just saw that there was a hole in the market,” Gardner told XBIZ. “Before Butt Pirate, if a guy wanted to be clean before having anal sex, there really weren’t that many options aside from a fleet enema.”

Butt Pirate is an intimate deodorant and natural anal moisturizer that comes in three different flavors: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

Gardner, who is an avid health connoisseur and vegan himself, said that the product is vegan-friendly and uses all natural, organic ingredients.

Butt Pirate was designed and created by Chris Hull, owner of the Los Angeles Based production/distribution company.

“It’s definitely a first when it comes to butt play” Hull said.

This is The French Connection’s first foray into adult novelties. The company has already sent out pre-orders of the product to select retailers in Oregon and North Carolina, as well as California.

“Some of these stores don’t even carry DVDs or toys, but they’re ordering this product because it’s really something different,” said Gardner.

For more information, contact Gardener at (800) 962-0902 or via email at