Treasure Island Releases ‘Fearless’

SAN FRANCISCO —Producer Paul Morris has announced the release of his latest video, “Fearless.” The two-disc set features a gangbang for the Treasure Island Media (TIM) exclusive Christian.

“This is one I’m especially proud of,” said Morris, founder of Treasure Island Media. “Solid fuck-action, gangbangs, gallons of sperm — ‘Fearless’ is fuckin’ great. This one’s for men who live for sperm-driven, double-dick manfuckin’.”

‘Fearless’ features TIM exclusives Christian, Brad McGuire, “Slave-Dog” Will, Jerry Stearns, Derek Anthony, as well as Marcelo Masko, Austin Shadow, Alan Gregory, Fyerfli, Sean Storm, Jacob Scott and a stable of TIM sex-addicts at play.

“Fearless” is available at the Treasure Island Media website.

To view the video trailer, click here.