Web Dream Ventures Unveils BondageBarz, Affiliate Program

Ericka Jensen

CHICAGO — Adult design firm, Web Dream Ventures, has entered the novelty market with BondageBarz, a line aimed at fetish enthusiasts.

The product was designed and created by Web Dream Ventures owner, Sydney Dupree.

“In building some of our clients’ adult sites we noticed a lot of bondage pictures used broom sticks,” Dupree told XBIZ. “And I thought, well I can come up with something better than a broom stick. That’s how BondageBarz were born.”

Available in maroon or black, BondageBarz are made from composite material with a patented polymerized protective coating. According to the company, BondageBarz have been tested successfully to accommodate adults of all sizes and shapes. The quick release d-rings included with each item are made from galvanized steel, resistant to corrosion and rust, and the dual-loop lock-pin design is aimed at providing safety and comfort. The unit can be mounted in conjunction with most types of bondage, BDSM and fetish gear.

The company has simultaneously launched an affiliate program for the product that offers weekly payouts for webmasters.

For more information visit BondageBarz.com/Affiliates .