Sin City's Cypher Interviewed on CNN

Tod Hunter
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Sin City publicist Devan Cypher was interviewed for a CNN Newsroom special report on the adult entertainment industry that is scheduled to air this Friday. Some of the topics Cypher discussed with CNN producer.K.J. Mathews were the current state of the adult industry, mainstream crew people who moonlight in the adult entertainment industry during strikes, and where the adult industry is headed.

"They had some of the same stereotypical questions," Cypher told XBIZ. "It was like they were asking 'During strikes, do people lower their morals and come into porn?' I educated then that it didn't really work that way and, as we began talking, different topics came up like why girls get in the industry, have you ever gone out and hired girls and how do you find girls. The issue of agencies came up.

"During the process, K.J., the segment producer, showed herself to be really open-minded," Cypher added. "Often, you feel like they're grooming you for a negative piece. With her, I felt that she was open-mindedly asking these questions to get realistic responses instead of just telling the story beforehand.

"We'll see when it comes out. It's tough not to give sound bites that can be twisted, as Belladonna will attest to," he said.

The main thrust of the interview, Cypher said, was trying to find out if mainstream production personnel idled by strikes came to adult for work.

"I explained we have people who do mainstream work, who work here regularly," Cypher said. "They couldn't find anyone who worked on both sides of the hill to interview. No one from Hollywood wanted that on their record."

Cypher and his publicity company Rising Star PR have been featured in both Time magazine and Mac Life in articles with his quote about the new iPhone: “It’s by far the porn-friendliest phone."

"It's amazing to see the places that quote ended up," Cypher told XBIZ. "Do a search and you'll see."

Sin City General Manager Barbara Olsen is pleased with the mainstream attention.

"This level of exposure in reputable mainstream outlets is a wonderful opportunity for Sin City," Olsen said. "With so many great releases coming up the interview was perfect timing for us to promote our brand."