Doc Johnson Releases 'Fuck Me Silly' Anal Beads

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Adult novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson has released the newest addition to its line of anal stimulation toys, the Fuck Me Silly anal beads. The product brings together popular colors, exclusive materials and cutting-edge packaging for a new anal experience.

Made from phthalate-free TPR rubber, Doc Johnson’s Fuck Me Silly toy comes with no string attached — a hygienically safe advancement that provides top-notch flexibility and ease of use. The product measures ten inches from end-to-end and has fourteen uniquely-shaped beads three inches in circumference.

“We’ve spent countless hours developing new and unique options for consumers in this niche segment of the marketplace,” said Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s director of product development and licensing. “The Fuck Me Silly beads are a culmination of these efforts. We’ve brought together the most successful elements from our extensive anal toy lines to create this anal supertoy that provides anal-play lovers a one-of-a-kind experience.”

An attached pull ring allows Fuck Me Silly users complete control during removal. Available colors include purple, charcoal and pink.

For information, consult the company's website.