Spearmint Rhino Ships 'Veneno/Poison'

NORCO, Calif. — "Veneno/Poison," distributed by Spearmint Rhino Films, is now shipping.

"Veneno/Poison" is an intense thriller with Luciano Roggio as a man poisoned by enemies seeking revenge. If his testosterone drops below a certain level, he will die. His survival instincts kick in and he bangs as many South American women as he can find.

"Veneno/Poison" stars Luciano Roggio, Alejandro Espagnol, Charly Loren, Paula Figueroa, Marino Blanco, Benicio Del Marco, Monella, Marilyn Russell and Sasha Smith and was directed by Victor Maytland. It was produced by CineXLatino.

"Veneno/Poison" has a street date of July 15.

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