World of Men And O'Neal Productions Release 'Serbia'

Bob Preston
MIAMI — Gay adult producers World of Men and O'Neal Productions today unveil their first self-distributed title, "Serbia."

World of Men President Collin O'Neal said this title was a long time coming.

“I’ve been working tirelessly with our team to make sure everything goes smoothly," he said. "And after months of preparation we are set to release our first title as well as distribute and market the product on our own.”

Much of the film was shot on location in the Serbia. O'Neal said that his work on an earlier title, "Lebanon," helped guide him through this latest shoot, which he pulled off with two separate camera crews.

“'Lebanon' was filmed in one highly stressful trip to the Middle East, but I learned a lot and knew it would be better to pull out and come back at a later date to finally finish Serbia,” O’Neal said.

The case of "Serbia" includes Roman Ragazzi, Brennon, Bijan, Dakota Rivers and Robert Brankov.

The title is available for purchase through their official website, or by emailing Scott Boardman at