Randy West Looking-For-Work GFY Post: 'Bullshit'

Tod Hunter
LAS VEGAS — A post on adult webmaster board GFY.com purporting to be from veteran director/performer Randy West looking for work is "Bullshit," according to West.

The post, titled "I'm looking for gigs/stunk cocking [sic]" also had an invalid email address.

"A few people contacted me yesterday about it," West told XBIZ from his Las Vegas home. "I don't know anything about it, I don't know who started it. I am 99 percent retired — I leave the door open a crack in case there's something I can't say no to — but I'm not desperate for the money, I'm not desperate for the work.

"If something comes up that looks like fun, throw me a couple of bucks and I'll do something. Otherwise, I'm playing golf and having a nice retirement."