PHS, Lucom Team Up for Distribution Overseas

Ericka Jensen

PHOENIX — Brand management firm Lucom and novelty company PHS International have joined together to offer PHS’s M2M and Heart2Heart fetish lines to European customers.

Lucom will introduce the product lines at this month’s adult B2B trade show, the 2008 ETO Show in Birmingham, U.K. Annually, the show brings together more than 80 adult goods companies including distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers and webmasters.

Sometime this fall, couples-friendly H2H products and the M2M Men’s Luxury Leather collection will debut in stores throughout Europe and the U.K. PHS’s Fresh line will launch in Spring 2009.

“Choosing a partner in Europe was a necessity for building our brands on a worldwide level and Lucom was our first choice,” PHS President James Horne said. “Lucom masters the art of brand-building, and [Lucom owner] Alexander [Giebel]’s dedication to quality and professionalism has rewarded him global respect.”

Faced with meeting Europe’s stringent packaging standards required PHS to replace every metal fastening with nickel- and lead-free hardware. And product packaging is offered in French, German, Dutch, Spanish and English languages.

“These changes make the lines all the more attractive and friendly for the European market as a whole, both buyers and sellers,” Lucom owner Alexander Giebel said. “We are very confident that our partnership with PHS is going to be wildly successful.”

According to PHS Sales and Marketing Manager Michael Merrill, the decision to join with Lucom will help lower overseas shipping costs.

“This will allow our current customers to receive the same quality goods but at a much better price point, now that we’ve eliminated high shipping costs,” Merrill told XBIZ. “This new pricing structure will open up many new customers all across the continent.”