BuddyProfits Sponsors Major GLBT Festival in Montreal

Bob Preston
MONTREAL — Gay affiliate program BuddyProfits.com has thrown its support behind a major HIV charity with its sponsorship of the 18th Annual Black and Blue Festival of Montreal.

The festival was organized by the Bad Boy Club Montreal, a local, volunteer-based, pro-gay nonprofit that offers support to the gay and lesbian community, as well as to people living with HIV/AIDS.

BuddyProfits Affiliate Manager Simon Soulieres said that the prevalence of HIV in Montreal spurred his company into action.

"We wanted, again this year, to support the cause," he said, adding that he'll be joining models from NextDoorMale.com to give away condoms at the festival's main event.

BBCM President Robert Vezina praised BuddyProfits for its help.

"It is only with the support of the whole community and the efforts of companies such as BuddyProfits that [BBCM] can continue to help people with HIV/Aids by producing one of the best events in the world."

To purchase tickets for the festival, visit BBCM.org.