Fun Factory USA Unveils Luxury Body Care Line

Ericka Jensen

BURBANK, Calif. — Novelty company Fun Factory USA has added luxury bath products to its current line up of vibrators, dildos, love balls, games, lubricants and jewelry.

Love Yourself is a European body care line made from 100 percent organic ingredients. The line includes 10 products, including his and her pleasure water sprays.

“We elected to introduce Love Yourself line to the U.S. marketplace because we perceived a new interest for luxury, 100 percent organic, sensual cosmetics and body care products,” Rudy Kottbauer Fun Factory CMO told XBIZ.

The company has introduced kissable body paints called Colore Moi. The paints are available in eight color/flavor combinations — strawberry-red, banana-yellow, lime-green, orange, licorice-black, peppermint-blue, vanilla-white and chocolate-brown. The product is made from dried fruits with 100 percent organic ingredients.

Couples-focused product Excite Moi Pour Femme and Pour Homme are stimulation sprays infused with aloe vera that add heat to male and female genitalia.

The line also offers a line of cooling and warming gels. Enflamme Moi is made with natural pepper extracts and Frissonne Moi offers users tingling sensations with its menthol formula. Neither product contains lidocaine or benzocaine.

“Customers want safe, organic and luxury products for use on their bodies,” Kottbauer told XBIZ. “They want to enjoy a fulfilling and frisky sex life without worrying about what they’re putting on one another’s bodies. Sensual cosmetics should taste, smell, look and feel exquisite.”

“The response we’ve received on the new line has been positive. Retailers are excited to offer distinctive high quality products to their customers in a niche category that has a lot of novelty players but very few luxury product lines.”

As with most lovers of luxury goods, scented candles are a requisite on the list. Love Yourself fills that need with a massage-oil-based candle, Allume Moi. The candle is designed to burn at a body safe temperature and is made from jojoba, avocado, sesame, grape seed, almond, olive and palm oils, as well as mango butter and Vitamin E. It is available in three scents — vanilla, aphrodisiaque and Mediterranée.

The Satine Moi massage oil contains a mix of natural ingredients including Vitamin E and Moroccan argan oil. The oil is produced from the kernels of the endemic argan tree, valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and medicinal properties.

“Customers love that Satine Moi is made from Moroccan argan oil,” said Kottbauer. “It’s luxurious on the skin, doesn’t get sticky and smells clean and elegant. Matter of fact, we’ve heard from some customers that they are using the Satine Moi as a skin moisturizing oil for summer.”

Topping off the line are two passion water sprays designed for oral play and Petille Moi, foaming bath beads. Elixire Moi and Savoure Moi are both are made with a natural honey alcohol base and are warmed by breathing on them.

The entire line of Love Yourself products are made in Germany, a fact Kottbaur said appeals to customers and retailers.

“Many customers and retailers are concerned with the politics of fair trade,” Kottbaur told XBIZ. “They are not interested in spending dollars on products made in warehouses in countries with dubious health or quality control issues. The Fun Factory products are all manufactured in Germany so that high standards of craftsmanship are met and that only the highest of quality ingredients are used.”

The Love Yourself line is available here.