Girlfriends Films New Corporate Sponsor of ASACP

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — Lesbian-content production company Girlfriends Films has joined ASACP at the Corporate Sponsor level.

"Girlfriends Films believes in preventing child pornography and helping parents prevent their kids from accessing web sites meant for just for adults. Our industry is truly fortunate to have ASACP and their leadership fighting for these causes. We are more than happy to support them," Girlfriends Films president Dan O'Connell said.

"And it's not just about kids and parents. The adult industry is constantly battled from many fronts — mostly religious and political — and ASACP's devotion to good causes supported by everyone on all sides goes a long way in cleaning up the industry's reputation and allowing us to continue in business."

Born from a documentary filmmaking class at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2002, Girlfriends Films prides itself on being one of the few erotic film companies offering long-form adult entertainment with its "Thornhill Diaries," which has been seen in 13 videos in four separate video series.

"The video side of the industry has always been concerned about child protection, which is why we are so pleased companies like Girlfriends Films are learning about ASACP and its mission," ASACP CEO Joan Irvine said. "Dan O'Connell is an excellent example of how to run a successful business with a social conscience. Businesses such as Girlfriends Films help to shine a positive light on the industry and we are excited to have them as a sponsor."

Founded in 1996, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating child pornography from the Internet. ASACP also works to help parents prevent children from viewing age-inappropriate material online.