John T. Bone Arrested in Thailand

Bob Preston
BANGKOK — John T. Bone is in trouble with the Thai authorities again.

The British pornographer, whose real name is John Gilbert Bowen, was arrested on June 12 in Pattaya, Thailand, in connection with the filming of a gangbang.

According to Pattaya Daily News, local police got a tip about Bowen's production and raided the apartment where the shoot was happening.

Police arrested Bowen, along with Joe Macos Perlaila, Morikane, Philipe K. Orivera, Teres Sita Edades, Philipina and Mr. Wittaya Mekwilai. The nationalities of the performers included some Brazilian nationals, as well as local performers. According to the Pattaya Daily News, the performers included local bar girls and transsexual performers.

Bowen's cast was caught in the middle of performing on a fully equipped set with lights, video and still cameras, lube and boxes of condoms.

The production and sale of pornography in Thailand is explicitly forbidden.

Bowen and his performers face up to three years in prison and a fine of up to 6,000 baht, or about $180.

This isn't Bowen's first brush with the Thai authorities. He was last arrested in April 2007 on similar charges. Police seized movie cameras, sex toys, digital cameras, 300 mini-DV tapes, 200 DVD and VCD adult movies, a customer list and laptop computers.