Louisiana Store Forced to Close

Matt O'Conner
DUBBERLY, La. — Adult book and video store La. Video has been ordered to shut down by Sept. 1, then get out of the county and stay out as part of a plea agreement in district court.

Store manager Emily Stubbs pleaded guilty to one felony count of obscenity on behalf of parent company Louisiana Video Inc. The company agreed to close its doors within 45 days, pay a $2,000 fine plus court costs, renounce claims to its previously seized inventory, surrender its licenses and tax permits and never open another store in the community.

In exchange, all indictments against the business and its employees have been dropped.

In April, the store was raided by state police and stripped of hundreds of videos, magazines, DVDs and employee records as evidence. District Attorney Schuyler Marvin followed the raid by handing down 11 sealed indictments.

Marvin said he was happy to dismiss the other charges because “the ultimate goal was to get this business closed.”

The case represents the second time Marvin has succeeded in driving an adult operation out of his district. In 2003, the owner of Fantasy Video was convicted on obscenity charges and agreed to close the store in order to avoid jail time.

Marvin said his next is drafting new, tougher ordinances to make it easier to discourage other adult businesses from locating in his domain.

“They’ll have to comply with that ordinance, which we think will be pretty restrictive,” Marvin said. “We hope nothing like this opens in our parish again.”