Boy Butter Launches First Gay Lubricant TV Ad

NEW YORK — BBL, the maker of the Boy Butter lubricant line, has launched the first gay lubricant television ad on the Bravo channel.

The 30-second spot played to 330,000 households throughout the Los Angeles area on Monday, June 30.

The commercial was made up of two 15-second spots that aired back-to-back.

The first spot showcased Boy Butter Personal Lubricants, a lube that targets the gay market. The following 15-second spot featured the female-targeted Lucky Personal Lubricant, a doctor-recommended line.

“Bravo is the perfect channel for these commercials and the best platform for a little bit of gay TV history,” Boy Butter and Lucky creator Eyal Feldman said. “With shows like Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List and Project Runway, gay and women-friendly programming like this is absolutely perfect for spreading the word to my target demographic groups.”

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