Vivid Releases Jack the Zipper’s ‘King Cobra’

Joanne Cachapero
LOS ANGELES — Vivid, on Friday, released “King Cobra,” directed by elusive adult filmmaker Jack the Zipper and featuring an all-star cast that includes Lanny Barby, Sasha Grey, Faith Leon, Page Morgan, Roxy Deville, Lela Star, Jade Starr, Chapel Waste, Shannon Kelly, Christian, Marty Romano, Sledgehammer and Brian Surewood.

“It’s a triple-X biker movie I did for Vivid in the tradition of classic grindhouse cinema,” the Zipper told XBIZ. “Movies like ‘Faster Pussycat [Kill, Kill]’ and ‘Mudhoney’ come to mind.”

“I loved working on this one and it has alot of my blood and sweat in it,” the director added. “Lanny Barbie, Sasha Grey, Page Morgan, Jade Starr, Roxy Deville, Brian Surewood, all are just fantastic. We've got the entire Sundowners Motorcycle Club making a cameo, super bizarro choppers and vintage hotrods, eerie desert locations and amazing soundtrack.”

Vivid’s David Peskin told XBIZ that his distributors doubled their orders, based on the pre-orders on the highly anticipated release.

“I can definitely see why Jack the Zipper is one of the most talented directors working in the industry to day and he really took this title to a different level. Very hard sex, very stylish,” said Peskin, describing the movie’s style.

“Lanny plays the leader of a girl gang, who corrupts the not-so-innocent cream puff, played by Page Morgan, who is awesome in this role,” Peskin added. “Jack gets top-notch performances from the talent assembled.”

The title is branded with the Vivid imprint, but the studio has also added six Vivid-Alt bonus scenes.

“It has an alt feel to it, and we went ahead and added Vivid Alt bonus scenes,” Peskin said, “from various directors of Vivid-Alt.”

The disc also features behind-the-scenes footage, a positions gallery, photo gallery, as well as an original rock and roll score.

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