LifeStyles Introduces Polyisoprene Condom

Ericka Jensen

RED BANK, N.J. — Almost a tenth of the American population suffers from allergies to latex products, a fact condom maker LifeStyles took to heart when designing the contraceptive market’s first clinically tested polyisoprene condom — Skyn.

LifeStyles’ Skyn is the first non-latex contraceptive of its kind to receive approval from the Federal Drug Administration to protect against pregnancy, sexually-transmitted diseases and AIDS.

Despite nationwide availability of other synthetic condoms, risks of pregnancy and STD transmission are still unknown.

The natural-colored condom was chosen by a majority of users in a blind test, conducted by LifeStyles, for its greater sensation and comfort, beating out other polyurethane non-latex and natural rubber prophylactics.

“Using Skyn is the closet thing to wearing nothing,” Carol Carrozza, vice-president of marketing for LifeStyles, told XBIZ.

“Skyn gives the wearer more feeling, a better fit and greater stimulation — these are the top demands of condom users. Now we are able to offer our consumers these qualities and still maintain the reliability and strength that LifeStyles is known for.”

According to the company, the polyisoprene formula used to manufacture Skyn is created in a laboratory and specially treated to give it cross links. The cross links allows the rubber to stretch and help recover its shape after expansion, giving wearers insurance against breakage during intercourse.

As with all LifeStyles contraceptives, Skyn condoms are triple-tested to meet the U.S. reliability standards.

LifeStyles Condoms distributes more than 20 styles of condoms and an assortment of pleasure products throughout the U.S. and Canada.