XBIZ Research to Officially Launch at XBIZ Summer Forum, Workshop Added

Tom Hymes
LAS VEGAS — XBIZ Research Director Sarah LoPrinzi will conduct an hour-long workshop at the upcoming XBIZ Summer Forum ’08, where she will provide an in-depth dissection of the mission and process behind XBIZ Research, which will launch its first series of surveys at the show.

The workshop will take place Wednesday, July 9 from 1pm – 2pm in the main seminar room of the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

In addition a broad-based presentation on the necessity for the industry to develop and make use of insightful market research data, LoPrinzi will also walk show attendees through the first survey, which can be taken anonymously at a kiosk located just outside the XBIZ Summer Forum seminar room or online in your hotel room.

LoPrinzi stressed that solid market research not only identifies important trends but also acts to solidify the industry during good times and bad.

“Market research can help the adult entertainment industry continue and repeat successes and identify new business opportunities even during challenging economic times.” she said.

Some of the specific topics LoPrinzi will cover include:

  • Why should you do market research?
  • When should you do market research?
  • Can you do your own market research?
  • What kind of business advantage can you gain from this survey?
  • Market Research Deliverables and Value.

“I am really looking forward to explaining the importance of market research during the Summer Forum,” LoPrinzi said. “It’s all about facilitating the process of learning about your business, branding, product pricing, customer demographics, geographical distribution, unrealized opportunities and competitive placement. What could be more important than that?”

For more information about the XBIZ Summer Forum, visit www.xbizsummerforum.com. For information about adult entertainment market research visit Visit XBIZ Research.