Hustler Profiles Dave Levine in September Issue

Bob Preston
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Hustler Magazine will feature an interview with a web entrepreneur who has weathered the challenges of the online world successfully: Dave Levine of

It's Levine's first interview with the eminent adult magazine. The 40-year-old businessman launched the first affiliate program for adult products back in 1996 and has since expanded his empire to include wholesale drop shipping services.

Levine said he spoke with Hustler because he wanted to give people his take on the industry.

“Being in Hustler gave me the opportunity to show readers what it’s really like to live this kind of lifestyle,” Levine said. “ I think my story will influence people that anything is possible.”

The lucrative possibilities promised by adult lured Levine into a world he never thought he'd enter.

“I wanted to be the king of something small rather than just another player in a bigger, crowded market,” Levine said, adding that his success in the industry has given him the ability to live the life – and throw the parties – he never could before.

“I was never at the cool table my entire life,” Levine explained in the article. “Then I moved to Hollywood and was like, 'Oh, my god.”

The article, titled "Living the High Life," will appear in the September issue of Hustler.