B Swish Releases New Novelty Packaging

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — Adult novelty manufacturer B Swish is redesigning its packaging to make it more compact, freeing up display space for retailers and reducing transportation and storage costs.

"Our customers said it was too large," B Swish Marketing Manager Carlo told XBIZ.

"The new packaging is a step forward. We produce adult toys that are chic and accessible rather than sophisticated and expensive, or adult-store cheap. It's relatively unventured waters. That's our niche. We're in the $39-$50 price point."

The new packaging continues B Swish's distinctive graphic design and product appearance. Inside the new box, the product presentation remains the same, complete with carrying case and full instructions.

It is currently available for the bnaughty_plum and bgee_pink products. Other models and colors will follow.

For more information, visit the B Swish website.