Swiss City Councilman Rejects Hustler Party

Joanne Cachapero
BERNE, Switzerland — Swiss EDU Party politician and Berne city councilman Beat Gubser has recently spoken out against a Hustler Night party to be held at the Bernese Wankdorf-Club on June 28.

In an article published at Swiss news website,, the councilman is quoted as saying, "We reject such events and the promotional posters in the city on principle, and would obviously welcome it if the event were to be cancelled. Legally to do so, however, would be very difficult."

There was no explanation as to why the politician was calling for the party to be cancelled.

"The party theme is not about sex, even though it is a sexy Party Night,” Wankdorf club spokesperson Matthias Hoyers said, explaining that the evening would showcase Hustler products and feature a fashion show of Hustler Lingerie and apparel.

Representatives from Hustler Europe reacted with bemused surprise at the politician’s statements.

“We’ve been doing these since we founded the company and we call them Hustler fashion parties. What we do is have them in various locations in Europe and we bring in girls and they present our lingerie and apparel lines,” Hustler Europe Managing Director Helen Clyne told XBIZ.

“They’re not as wild as some people, including this particular Swedish politician, thinks,” Clyne added. “Everyone has a good time. We have pretty girls and, at the most, the last part of the show they go topless and that’s it.

Clyne said also that she was not familiar with Swiss politics and had not heard of Gubser before the article, but that she believed that the EDU party was considered to be conservative.

"I always thought that we Americans were the prudish ones, I was very surprised to hear that one of our parties in Europe has drawn such a response,” Hustler Europe CEO Jeff Hawkins said.

“It is probably simply that Mr. Gubser has never personally visited a Hustler fashion party. I would warmly like to invite him to the party, so that he can personally see with his own eyes, what is happening, or more precisely, what is not happening,” Hawkins added. “We have on average, in well- known locations, approximately 2,000 visitors, almost half of which are female. So it can't be so offensive, especially as the clubs and discos take great care to ensure that the minimum age for visitors is 18 or 21 years depending on the country."

An invitation to Saturday’s party has been sent to Gubser and his wife but, according to Clyne, the councilman has yet to RSVP.

Patrik Stöckli, owner of Swiss adult retailer Erotikmarkt, commented on the political situation and said, "Typical EDU. Such narrow-minded thinking is no longer appropriate these days."