Topco Sales Adds Foaming Intimacy Lubricant to TLC Line

Ericka Jensen

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Novelty company Topco Sales has expanded its TLC line with the introduction of the Foaming Intimacy Lubricant.

"The Foaming Intimacy Lubricant is the perfect lubricant for boutiques to carry since its mainstream mousse-style can and subtle package art won't raise eyebrows,” said Director of Product Development, Autumn O'Bryan. “It doesn't even look like a lubricant. There's nothing else like out there. The fact that it doesn't drip, spill or run is going to make it wildly popular."

The lube is being marketed as a dripless, spill-less foam mousse designed to stay on wherever a user applies it. The water-based formula is sugar-free and water-soluble which offers effortless clean up. The patent-pending formula is available in cinnamon, vanilla or in an unscented version.

Topco’s TLC line offers everything from anal toys and cosmetics to love dolls and vibes.

For more information on the Foaming Intimacy Lubricant visit the website.