DeeCash Acquires STFUCash

Ericka Jensen
CYBERSPACE — Four-year old affiliate program DeeCash has added one more program to its laundry list of acquisitions —

The purchase marks the sixth affiliate program within five months.

“The purchase of STFUCash means that as a larger program affiliates can look forward to huge promotions and prizes.” Vipesh, vice president of business development, told XBIZ.

DeeCash has relaunched the program with $100 PPS until the end of June and $50 PPS for life on all price points. Promotional tools for the site include RSS feeds, Flash embeds, host galleries and weekly updates.

STFUCash maintains 15 niche sites within its network.

Aside from brokering deals with webmasters, Vipesh said that DeeCash has been focusing on its mainstream projects,, an off-shore staff leasing service and

According to Vipesh, the latter operates as a 24-hour call center support company. Since its inception two years ago the company has retained a number of Fortune 500 clients.

“We want to be a major mainstream player,” Vipesh told XBIZ. “We’re very focused on branding and have been successful overseas.”

DeeCash currently owns and operates,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and