New Adult Content Production Studio Opens in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — Trans National Television, a new 2,000 square foot photography/video/film production studio licensed to shoot full-nude adult productions, is available for rental in Las Vegas.

Studio owner William Miller opened his first photography studio in Hollywood, Calif., in 1980.

"When I first started as a photographer, I did well because I had a knack for taking high quality photos," Miller said. "It was when I started doing boudoir sessions, however, that the business really took off — and I started enjoying my work a whole lot more."

Miller's boudoir type photography led to more and more work in various aspects of the adult industry and Miller has operated branch offices in Hollywood, Orange County, New York, Paris, London and Sydney. His work brought him into close personal contact with film and glamour stars from around the world and he has worked for Playboy, Penthouse and other magazines.

Trans National Television is located at 4460 W. Hacienda Ave, #107 in Las Vegas. Studio space is available to production companies by the hour, the day, the week or the month. Introductory rental rates and bulk time purchase plans are currently available.

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