PZP Productions Puts Up ‘Twink Whisperer’ Trailer

Joanne Cachapero
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Following the success of "The Da Vinci Load," "BeTwinked" and award-winning "Oliver Twink," PZP Productions and owner/director Peter Z Pan have debuted the trailer for upcoming release “The Twink Whisperer.”

To see the five-minute long trailer, click here.

The movie’s plot spans an 80-year time period, starting in the 1920s. Performer Aaron Tyler plays the lead role, as a “naughty little imp” that travels through time, to inspire sexual encounters between “greaser” step-brothers in the ‘50s; a pair of hippy boys in the ‘70s; a couple of straight business school students in the ‘80s; and a “bohemian psychic” in the present day.

The movie was helmed by Pan, but also features the directorial debut of Tyler. The ‘80s sequence in “The Twink Whisperer” was overseen by Tyler, and features Pan’s real-life boyfriend and Tyler’s real-life boyfriend performing together in the scene.

"That was a very surreal day," said Pan. "But the scene came out red hot."

The cast includes Tyler, Kyros Christian, Dillon Samuels and Sean Preston.

Two DVD release parties are scheduled for the movie, on July 2 and 4, at the Boardwalk bar in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Tyler and performer Robbie Hart will be on hand to greet fans, and the parties will host free giveaways from ID Lubricant and video-on-demand network Badpuppy.com.

“The Twink Whisperer” will release on July 4, and is available through distributor Marina Pacific. For more information, contact Sam at (818) 503-7741 or sam@marinapacific.com.