New 'Punkd Ur Ass' This Week

Tod Hunter
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — To celebrate the June 24 release of "Punkd Ur Ass 3," director Matt Zane has announced a nationwide contest. The "Punkd Ur Ass" series shows male performers doing outlandish stunts in order to win the prize of working in a scene.

For the contest, men and women who purchase "Punkd Ur Ass 3" are invited to submit their stunt ideas for the next edition on the coupon provided with the DVD. Zane will personally read each entry and choose the winner.

"I will be looking for a crazy stunt — but it also has to be funny. That's the key. Get creative. The more over the top, the better chance of winning," Zane said.

The winner will be flown out to L.A. to perform the stunt for "Punkd Ur Ass 4." If completed, the contestant can win the grand prize of doing a scene with a porn star. Full details are on the "Punkd Ur Ass 3" box cover.

Past stunts have included being pelted with paint balls with nothing but a jockstrap for protection, shopping in the nude at local convenience stores, going one round with an 11-time kick boxing champion, fighting a 400-pound sumo wrestler and jumping out of a plane.

"Punkd Ur Ass 3" stars Rhylee Richards, Victoria Sin, Dahlia DeNyle, Roxy DeVille, Oliver Sanchez, Rick Masters, Scott Lyons and the Zane brothers.

A preview of the stunts on "Punkd Ur Ass 3" can be seen here.