Casey Parker Gets CO-ED Sex Advice Column

Tod Hunter
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Shane’s World contract performer Casey Parker is the new sex advice columnist for CO-ED Magazine.

“I am very excited to be able to help college students with any sex questions they might have," Parker said. "I remember when I was first discovering my sexuality, there was a lot of stuff I had questions about, but I was too shy to ask. Now, it feels great that I am going to be able to help someone else out."

Robert, the president of CO-ED Magazine, is pleased to have Parker on staff.

“We featured Casey on the front cover of CO-ED Magazine and have always had a great relationship with her," Robert said. " We wanted to do something that was both fun and educational, but also very interactive. We figured, with Casey’s appeal and bubbly persona, she’s the perfect person to give advice to college kids. She gets it, she’s in college, she understands what these kids are going through and can relate to them."

The magazine is currently accepting questions for Parker's column at

Casey Parker's latest video for Shane's World is "California Dreamin'" with Devon.