Joanne Cachapero
LOS ANGELES — Gay production company Jet Set Entertainment has relaunched its signature paysite, Revamped for the second time in little more than a year, Jet Set Head of Production Chris Steele said he could see that the old site would not produce conversions.

Despite a slick-looking design, the HTML-based format of the earlier website had clunky navigation that seemed outdated to Steele.

“There was nothing exciting or new about it and so I convinced them to bring in a designer and start from scratch,” Steele told XBIZ. “I think we started in January and we relaunched on April 15. It’s probably 90 percent done and there are just a few things that need to be added.”

Since the soft launch in mid-April, Steele has been tweaking, eliminating bugs and adding content. As a result, he said, there has been a spike of new traffic on the site.

The site is PHP-based and utilizes the latest Flash technology for what Steele calls a “one-stop” experience for users who can view, buy and customize all from the same page. By selecting movie titles displayed on the page, the user can view trailers, browse through scene selection or choose to purchase, with just a few clicks.

“Most studios seem to be struggling with the member area and the store area — how do you do both? What we did was come up with a concept where we combine both the user area and the store,” Steele said.

“The main heart of the site is the movie search optimization,” he added. “As a user, you can select if you want to look at five, 10 or 15 movies per page, and you can search by release date or title — everything is clickable.”

The site design offers users a variety search tools including drop-down smart menus and tabs.

Using updated Flash technology, Steele pointed out that the video player is not embedded but, instead, displayed in an overlay format. This allows users to view a video clip without leaving the page. With the scene menu page in the background, users can continue to scroll while the scene is playing. In order to stop the scene, all they need to do is click outside of the player’s window and they are returned menu page.

“I’m proud to say that we’re the only ones using it because you have to build your site with this player in mind,” Steele added. “It was good timing for us because it came out two months before we started building the site and so we went with it because it’s the latest and greatest.” currently features more than 30 titles from several studio lines, including Jet Set Men, Dolphin, Raw Entry Club, Spritzz and Titan Men.

All photo galleries are displayed in a slideshow format. Free membership includes access to softcore galleries and selected video clips, while premium membership allows viewers to browse hardcore galleries.

Premium members also receive access to a live theater feature, where they can view scheduled one-hour long webcam shows, as well as previous live shows that have been archived. Eventually, the site, which is updated weekly, will offer more than 1,000 video clips.

Underneath their personal profile page, premium members can also bookmark favorite scenes, photos, models and titles, for easy access.

Steele said that a revamp of the affiliate program also is underway. However, the old affiliate program has been linked to the new website until the update is complete.

“The webmaster’s have been asking why we’ve gotten so much traffic and if we’d done any advertising, and it’s all just from word of mouth,” he said.

“Because we’re the only ones using this player and the new design,” Steele added. “I think that people really like it. It’s very easy to use and navigate. It’s a little complicated for some people, if you’re used to the way some websites work, because it is pretty advanced technology. Bit once you figure out that everything is clickable, and then they think it’s cool.”

For more information, visit the website.