CVS Stores to Offer System JO Lubricants

Ericka Jensen

LOS ANGELES — United Consortium, the parent company of personal lubricant producer System JO announced a limited line of the sensual enhancement products are available at CVS drugstores nationwide.

The products were initially introduced at the drugstore chain on a trial basis.

“Responses to our products at CVS has been excellent,” Solomon Levy president of United Consortium told XBIZ. “After the initial testing period, we were asked to supply the stores nationwide.”

The System JO line includes personal lubricants, glides, stimulating gels and enhancement supplements for men and women.

“Adult retail stores will continue to carry our full line of products. It is our main market and we will continue to support our product to the end user more and more to effectively generate more sales,” Levy told XBIZ.

Levy said he initiated the venture in an attempt to level the pricing structure on the company’s products for mainstream and adult retail stores.

“Unfortunately, the adult retail market has suffered due to lube companies shifting their sales to the mainstream mass market,” Levy said. “Because of mass-market volume, lubricant companies reduced their prices and the adult retailers couldn’t compete [with the price decrease]. It’s shame because the retail stores are where we have all managed to grow our business, they are our root.”

When asked about the recent surge of novelty items popping up at mainstream retailers , Levy said, “At this point, a lot of the products that you can sell at boutique stores are not ready for a crossover. I think it will be a very long time before the mainstream market reaches that point. But we are seeing that there is a tremendous market for a sensual section within mainstream retail stores, albeit a cautious one.”