Jenna Jameson Wants a Family

Bob Preston
MIAMI — Jenna Jameson revealed at a weekend party that she wants to start a family — and gain some weight.

The adult industry legend was in Miami on Saturday to host a party for club Pangea at the Fort Lauderdale Hard Rock Hotel. Joined by her husband, Ultimate Fighter Tito Ortiz, Jameson confessed that she wants a bun in her oven.

"It's the most important thing I want in my life right now — to have a baby, become a full-time mother, and live my life forever with Tito,'' she said.

But that not all she wants. Jameson, who drew intense scrutiny from the paparazzi and gossip media for her dramatic weight loss over the last year, wants to gain weight.

"I am 105 pounds now with my goal weight being 120," she said, blaming her weight loss on a depression she fell into after her divorce from Club Jenna chieftain Jay Grdina.

"Some people, when they are depressed and in pain, overeat," she said. "I just stopped eating, and I'm Italian and I love food."

Jameson joked that a pregnancy might help to jump-start her appetite.

The 34-year-old adult retiree is also dabbling in mainstream cinema, with a role in the movie "How to Make Love to a Woman," currently in production in Los Angeles. Jameson is playing herself.

The movie follows a music executive who can't seem to satisfy his girlfriend. Jameson enters the story to advise him. The cast includes Josh Meyers, Krysten Ritter and Ian Somerhalder of ABC's "Lost."

The film also features Eugene Byrd and Lindsay Richards, with appearances by members of the bands Yellowcard, the Red Jumpsuit and Apparatus, Hellogoodbye.