'Route 66' TV Show Owner Suing Penthouse Over 'Route 66' Video

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — Roxbury Entertainment, the company that purchased the rights to the "Route 66" TV show, has sued Penthouse Media Group over Penthouse's adult DVD "Route 66."

In the suit, Roxbury says it trademarked the term "Route 66" for its "highly rated, classic television program," and that Penthouse is using it to sell "grossly inferior products, poorly produced pornography with virtually no storyline, dialogue or acting."

Roxbury Entertainment owner Kirk Hallam — who also is the attorney who filed the suit — purchased the rights to the show from creator Sterling Silliphant, executive producer Herbert Leonard and Sony Pictures Entertainment, owner of Columbia Pictures which produced the show through its Screen Gems division. Roxbury has planned to produce a feature motion picture and has released episodes from the original series on DVD.

In the suit, Roxbury demands disgorgement of unjust profits, punitive damages, and destruction of the offending products.

The original lawsuit can be read here.