Jim Powers Rolls Out ‘Fuck Truck’

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Director Jim Powers' "Fuck Truck," produced for Powersville Inc. and distributed by JM Productions, saw release this week.

“Once you get these girls away from their pimps and loser boyfriends the whole equation really changes and they become totally depraved sluts,” Powers said. “Sure, the disgraceful stuff they do on the Fuck Truck probably made it so they could never return home to their families, but at least they have their freedom.”

"Fuck Truck" follows Powers’ male talent and four women — played by Brooke Scott, Cassidy Blue, Desire Moore and Holly Wellin — as they travel across the Southwest on road trips to concerts, parties and tourist attractions. In addition, the crew stopped to pick up another 48 real drifters, hitchhikers and vagabonds to copulate with the female cast.

“The best part about the Fuck Truck is that it’s all real,” said Johnny Thrust , Fuck Truck driver. “This is how porn should be, the girls are just out on the open road sucking and fucking everyone they meet just to pass the time. This is the great American road trip that people dream about.”

"Fuck Truck" hit stores June 16. For more information, log on to Jerkoffzone.com.