American Apparel Selling Vibes

Ericka Jensen

LOS ANGELES — Clothing manufacturer American Apparel, known for its provocative and controversial advertising campaigns, caught on to what the adult industry has always known — sexy models and sex toys go hand-in-hand.

In the online store, under the miscellaneous tab, nestled between a set of Stabilo’s Big Point Pens and Rose’s Lip Balm is one of the novelty industry’s best sellers —priced at $50. the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager

“This old-school hand-held massager has been around for more than 25 years with good reason,” reads the online store description. “Its low vibration works as well on your sore back as it does in the bedroom. If there is any doubt, Google it for worldwide rave reviews.”

The vibe received a five-star rating on the site.

"At this point we are only selling them online," American Apparel's Mathew Swenson told XBIZ. "Eventually they may be sold in some store. We are playing around with a multi-brand idea at the moment. In regards to the [Hitachi] Wand we are starting to sell a bunch of products that we really like, and this is to ad a genuine touch to the company, and that is the appeal to the customers. It's completely random, but that is why it is so heartfelt and honest."

Marketing Manager for, Andrea Mata said she thought the clothing line selling vibes was somewhat shocking. “My knowledge of American Apparel is that they target a younger demographic and that’s a little shocking,” Mata told XBIZ. “On the other hand, it does suggest that our industry is definitely mainstreaming.”

“I think its great that American Apparel is selling the Magic Wand,” vice president of operations Erik Van Riper told XBIZ. “I think the more mainstream these items are then the better for our industry in general. Toys are great, why not sell them?”

Pamela Doan, who heads the public relations department for novelty store Babeland, agreed. Babeland offers a number of the company's products at local clothing boutique Pull My Daisy in Los Angeles.

"We think this is a concept that can work. Toys have become so mainstream that’s its possible for it to work," Doan told XBIZ.

Van Riper added that the Hitachi is one of the most popular items on , but that the company offered it at a more reasonable price.

American Apparel is best known for making basic cotton knitwear and a number of progressive policies including promoting immigrant rights and labor policies.