Hermes Films Debuts with Bisexual Title

Joanne Cachapero
VAN NUYS, Calif. — New adult production company Hermes Films will debut in the marketplace with a bisexual title, “Together Bi Chance.” The video was shot in South American with native models.

“Certain retailers have asked us repeated for bisexual content and there’s not enough new product out there, so we decided that that might be the way to focus this line,” a Hermes spokesperson told XBIZ.

The company will release six bisexual titles a year and also will focus on two new gay lines, aimed at the black and athletic niche markets. In total, the company will produce 24 titles a year.

“We’re not here to compete with COLT, Hot House or Channel 1, nor do we expect to overtake those specializing in foreign-shot or black features,” the spokesperson said. “But we found that there is a shortage of mid-market product, especially bisexual, and we hope to fill that gap.”

“Together Bi Chance” will be available in July. For wholesale sales information, contact