Lavender Lounge Podcast Interview on Gay Niche Marketing

SAN FRANCISCO — Lavender Lounge Studios owner and adult industry veteran Mark Kliem appeared in an audio podcast interview on the subject of "Marketing Gay Niches" for Sex Information Network 2.0 is "the social news website with exclusive access to the sex industry."

"Since Lavender Lounge has been around a long time as a something-for-everyone site, I spent a great deal of time narrowing down the number of niches I offer," Kliem said. "It took a lot of research into various niches, so I chose some that were popular, a few that were under-served in the market and created some niches that are completely unique."

"I don't think I said anything outrageous or controversial in the interview," adds Kliem, "I'm just thrilled to be chosen as a spokesmodel for the gay side of the industry."

The interview covered what is popular in the gay porn market, who's making money, how to get into the business and what the future holds.

Kliem has been working full time in the adult industry since 1996. He is owner and operator of Lavender Lounge Studios in San Francisco. His paysites are and Webmasters can earn 50 percent commission by signing up at