Call for Dancers in Mitchell Brothers Class Action Suit

Tod Hunter
SAN FRANCISCO — A legal services company involved in a class action suit against the Mitchell Brothers' O'Farrell Theatre in San Francisco is looking for dancers who worked at the theater between July 1996 and April 2003.

The O'Farrell Theatre was opened by Jim and Artie Mitchell in 1969, and served as a headquarters for the Mitchell Brothers Film Group. It is still open today.

The class action suit alleges that Cinema 7 (the parent company of the theater) underpaid performers, required waivers on meal and rest periods, and did not reimburse costume and prop expenses.

Cinema 7 denies the claims, and a hearing will be held in San Francisco on July 16 to determine whether the proposal to settle the class action suit is "fair, reasonable, adequate and in the best interests of the class."

A settlement fund of up to $1.45 million has been established to pay validated claims based on a formula in the settlement agreement. Claims have to be postmarked by Aug. 4.

Representatives of Cinema 7 were unavailable for comment at post time.

Complete information on the settlement and the rights of class members are available here, at the website of Garden City Group, the legal-services company handling the claims.