SiN2.0 Releases ‘Guide to Sex in China’

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Adult media resource and networking site SiN2.0 has produced a comprehensive, informative online guide for travelers who want to get laid in China.

This summer Beijing, China, will host the Games of the Summer Olympics. Thousands of travelers will visit the city for the games. These travelers the authors of the guide had in mind when they produced the publication.

The Ultimate Guide to Sex in China covers a number of topics — streetwalkers, how-to get a girlfriend and how-to become a player. A directory on escort and massage services is provided. The guide also contains a sex language dictionary, details on how-to avoid getting scammed and practical advice about safe sex in China.

“I love Chinese Girls,” said Brendan Hartman, a teacher residing in Beijing.” But I’ve been through some sketchy situations getting to know girls who have turned out to be prostitutes or just plain scammers.”