Matt Zane, Society 1 to Record 'Sadist Messiah'

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — After three years of planning, Matt Zane and Society 1 have finally entered NRG Studios to begin recording "Sadist Messiah." Wade Norton is behind the soundboard again for the band's fourth studio album.

"It feels great to be back in NRG Studios and working with Wade Norton," Zane said. "I figured it was about time to get 'Sadist Messiah' started. There have been a lot of roadblocks and drama these past few years, but everything seems to be worked out at the moment. The material is very strong and I am excited to finally get things moving once again."

Society 1 is Sick Rick on drums, Dirt on bass, and Matt "The Lord" Zane on vocals, guitars and programming.

Last week, Society 1 announced the release of its first live album, "Live and Raw," which is available exclusively through iTunes. "Sadist Messiah" is expected to be released in 2009.

Footage of Society 1 in the studio can be seen on YouTube.

Matt Zane's latest adult DVD, "Radium 2," has been released through Evolution Distribution. 'Radium 2' features starlet Dana DeArmond and host Tera Wray along with metal musicians including Ill Nino, In This Moment, Society 1 and a special major label mystery artist.