Zeb Atlas Will Top in Falcon Movie

Joanne Cachapero
LOS ANGELES — Gay talent agent David Forest has announced that a deal has been struck between production company Falcon Studios and muscle man Zeb Atlas, for the model’s first scenes of hardcore man-on-man sex.

Atlas, who has long been a popular model for print and as a solo performer, recently appeared on JakeCruise.com in his first gay scenes, being orally serviced by web producer Jake Cruise.

News of the Falcon deal was supposed to be under wraps, according to Forest, but was leaked in a story that appeared on gay adult blog TheSword.com Once the word was out, Forest felt it best to come forward about the one-movie deal.

“We tried to keep it quiet, but The Sword released the information on Saturday — it’s in black and white right there,” Forest told XBIZ. “And as soon as something leaks out, as a manager, I need to protect my stars to make sure that the information comes out correctly.”

The scenes will appear in an yet-unnamed bachelor party-themed 2-disc feature. In the first scene, Atlas will be orally serviced by Falcon lifetime exclusive Matthew Rush and, in the second, Atlas will reciprocate the oral, as well as topping Rush.

Both he and Atlas gave careful consideration to several projects before inking the deal with Falcon, Forest said.

“We spent a lot of time to look around and to discuss possible triple-X gay projects, and we worked with Falcon so that in the end a deal was struck so that Zeb was happy.”

Eventually, a lucrative deal was negotiated between Atlas and the studio.

“He is being paid what I used to get for Ryan Idol and Ken Ryker,” Forest said, explaining that few present-day performers are paid the amounts that were offered for superstar performers in the ‘90s.

Forest added that he has always felt that talent are never rewarded as they should be, and that particularly with a model that is sought after or has extraordinary attributes, that they should be compensated accordingly.

“This movie is going to sell because Zeb Atlas is in it — he’s a big name and no one has ever seen him do it,” Forest said.

Falcon's Troy Prickett said that the pairing between Atlas and Rush was sure to draw attention to the movie.

“Matthew Rush and Zeb Atlas are definitely two very powerful names in the gay adult industry, having them star alongside one another will be a lively topic of conversation for the many fans of porn” Prickett told XBIZ.

Prickett went on to say that the studio would heavily promote the film, but it was too early to predict a blockbuster.

As for further projects with Falcon, Prickett indicated that Atlas was in high demand and that the project was the only production slated with Atlas so far.

“After the completion of the second [part of the movie] with Matthew we’ll evaluate our relationship with Zeb and see where we’re all at,” he said. “Zeb is a smart guy and knows he has many different options in this field of work — he has a lot of offers on the table and I’m not sure if something long or short term with Falcon will fit into his busy schedule.”

Forest also recently negotiated a deal for his client Tony Capucci, who has signed as a Falcon exclusive model and will appear in the Atlas/Rush production.