Topco Sales Promotes Through 'Sex and the City' Link

Bob Preston
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Topco Sales cashed in on the surge of female-power publicity that has greeted the "Sex and the City" movie's surprising box office performance by providing Grrl Toyz-brand products at parties and premieres.

Topco Sales Director of Marketing and Public Relations Desiree Duffie said that Topco's decision to be involved with the "Sex and the City" marketing blitz was based on more than simple brand recognition.

"It just made sense for Topco Sales, as one of the leading global novelty manufacturers, to be involved in the fun," she said.

The move worked out well, as the movie made more than $55 million in its first week of release, topping the latest "Indiana Jones" installment.

But even though Grrl Toys made appearances at parties in Los Angeles and Cincinnati, the impact on Topco Sales profit margins isn't clear yet, though Duffie said that HBO's popular series helped expose mainstream audiences to forward thinking about sex and sex toys.

"The ‘Sex and the City’ series exposed the public to rabbit-style vibes and created awareness that started a lucrative ripple effect in the entire industry," she said, adding that her company saw sales for a sex swing spike after an episode that featured the toy in action.

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