Vivid-Alt Relives the Glory Days of Punk

LOS ANGELES — Vivid-Alt's "Circa '82" hits stores today. Directed by erotic photographer/director Dave Naz, the movie embodies the defiant spirit of the early 1980s punk scene, focusing on a world where punk ruled and the most important things in life were sex and music.

"Everything was so fresh and exciting — the girls, the clothes, the energy and the anger of the music," Naz said. "It was music with attitude, and the Reagan administration helped make this possible. It was rebellion. F the government."

"Circa '82" stars Ashley Blue, Lexi Belle, Sasha Grey, Madison Young and newcomer Maya Hills. The cast is dressed in vintage wardrobe, combining traditional 1980s styles with an edgy punk rock style.

The DVD includes a behind-the-scenes feature with Ashley Blue, who co-wrote the film, and features a soundtrack by classic hardcore band Circle Jerks. The band's founder, Keith Morris, also appears in the film along with other punk legends such as Don Bolles of The Germs and Jim Lane of Killroy.

"I think it's quite a coup for us to get the music of the Circle Jerks on the soundtrack of this movie," Vivid-Alt head Eon McKai said.

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